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Environment & Safety
Environment & Safety
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Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group has always been committed to developing products and manufacturing processes that combine technological innovation with respect for the environment.

All Group companies are concerned about environmental impacts of its activities and products and are therefore committed to:

Ensuring continual improvement in its environmental performance
Ensuring compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations
Reducing air, water and soil pollution, waste generation and natural resources consumption
Generate environmental awareness among all employees.

A series of ENERGY CONSERVATION, water conservation and pollution control ACTIVITIES UNDER ISO 14001 have been implemented.

Read about our progress in these environmental programs:

Energy ConservationEnergy Conservation

In a step towards Energy Conservation, energy efficient tube lights (E+) have been introduced in Assembly area. This has resulted in the saving of 22 Mw per existing tube lights (4feet) and 32 Mw per 2 existing tube lights (2 feet).

These tube lights are guaranteed for a period of 2 years - free replacement.

Water Conservation

Under Water Conservation program, the company has saved 600 KL of ground water from Jan'03 to June'03. This much of the treated water was used from ETP output, which is as par with the norms of Environmental Protection Rules 1986/schedule VI.


Pollution Control

Pollution Control

In a step towards abating various type of pollutions, some specific plantation were done in the company.

  • For Air Pollution ( Bel, Gurhal)
  • For pollution of dust, temperature, chemical emissions ( Amaltas, Mango, Teak)
  • For Noise Abatement ( Cassia nodosa, Ashok)
  • For plants that restored garbage dumps to pleasant green landscape( Arjun, Gulmohar, Ticoma stans)
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