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Research and Development
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Technology is the key driver for growth at Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group. All the Business Group Companies have dedicated Research and Development Departments, with special teams focusing on development of Innovative Products and Processes. With an ever-expanding portfolio of Automotive Products, Innovation has become an integral part of the business growth in the Group. Today our R&D activities span many countries and varied products.

In Minda Corporation Ltd., the Group's oldest Company, a dedicated Research Department undertakes research on developing futuristic Mechanical & Electronic Security Systems, Die Casting, Electronic Controllers & Plastic Interiors. This R&D department not only works for its Indian operations but also develops products for its manufacturing companies in Indonesia & Vietnam. The engineers in this department are globally-trained and they also frequently coordinate with the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the various design teams in Spark Minda companies that are stationed in Germany & Japan. Minda Corporation Limited has filed 10 patents on Magnetic Shutter technology and Immobilizers & 2 patents on Plastic interoirs in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Japan.

Minda Corporation Ltd. has filed 28 patents in Security System domain for Products like Magnet Shutter Module, Cable Actuated Locks, Immobilizers and other Mechatronic Security Systems. Patents have also been filed in Plastic Interiors and Die Casting domain.

Electronics and Mechatronics being the major focus area of OEMs across the globe, Minda Corporation Ltd. is setting up state of the art Electronic Competency Centre with an investment of over 30 Cr to address this requirement. Highly qualified and experienced Engineers are being recruited who will develop futuristic Products requiring Electronics as the core technology. The Centre will have world class facilities like EMC / EMI equipment and Anechoic Chambers, besides the other equipment for hardware & software development and Product Validation.

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