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1. Corporate TQM
Total Quality Management (TQM) is one of the group level activities of Ashok Minda Group. The TQM initiatives are driven by Corp. TQM Department.
The Daily Work Management(DWM) process of Corp. TQM have been mapped and they are briefly described below :
  Minda Business Excellence Model(MBEM) :
    Subject : Promote world class business & organizational processes in the group as per MBEM roadmap
    Proces : Develop, prescribe, upgrade and monitor MBEM model to take the group moving along in a strategic direction towards attainment of futuristic business vision through identification and emphasis of required business and organizational processes
    Current status: After studying the prevailing business excellence models, a suitable model has been identified for adoption. We are in the process of bringing out the MBEM model along-with its criteria.
  Development of skill / competence of focused group :
    Process: Develop skill, competence and knowledge for focused group of people in Unit/ BG / Corp. keeping in view futuristic business needs to sustain and improve critical business and organizational processes through exploiting opportunities and resolution of problems/issues by giving exposure on contemporary and futuristic techniques and practices.
    Current status : So far, we have conducted following development programmes :
      Problem Solver Level 1 - 4 programmes
      Problem Solver Level 2 - 1 programme
      VA/VE - 1 programme
      Value Stream Mapping(VSM) - 1 programme
      The development process includes - training workshop, written examination & project work.
  Project Group Image and Recognizing Best-in-Class Performance :
    Process : Promote Total Employee Involvement (TEI through Quality Circles, Small Group Activities & Kaizen
    Current status : So far, we have organized following group level conventions to promote TEI :
      Quality Circle / Small Group Activity - 5 conventions
      Kaizen - 2 Conventions
  Knowledge Management(KM) :
    Process : Capture, maintain, enhance and disseminate knowledge acquired by group and also from outside related to all current and futuristic business and organizational processes to overcome problems / issues and also to meet futuristic business objectives.
    Current status : So far, we have organized group level functional conferences to capture the respective functional knowledge :
      Tooling -5 conferences
      Manufacturing Engineering(ME) - 4 conferences
      Maintenance - 3 conferences
      Supply Chain Management - 2 conference
      Maintenance and dissemination of knowledge is done through TQM Intranet.
  Corporate Quality Assurance(CQA) :
    Process : Develop and standardize group level systems and guidelines for technical & commercial areas, excluding Finance & Accounts. Also, assess adherence to these systems and guidelines across the group.
    Current status : With the recent induction of personnel for commercial processes, assessment of adherence to Corporate Finance Manual will be kick started.
    TQM Intranet : A dedicated FTP Server has been installed for TQM Intranet which will act as a KM System.Unit/BG/Corp. Heads & Improvement Coordinators are authorized to access this intranet. They, in turn could download the files for internal circulation through LAN.
    For more Details Click On:
    Counseling / Facilitation: Following training programmes have been conducted by Corp.TQM for Minda Gurukul
      Problem Solver Level 1 - 2 sessions
      5S Concepts & Practices - 1 session
2. TQM Activities in Ashok Minda Group
Conferences : In this financial year 2009-10, so far, we have organized four functional conferences as given below :
  3rd Minda Maintenance Conference : The conference was held on 27th & 28th August 2009 at MCL-Noida. Functional representatives from 10 units shared the best practices and improvement initiatives implemented in their respective plants. The participants had also visited Die Casting and Surface Finish plants of MCL at Greater Noida. The conference also had sharing on " Sensors " by experts from. OMRON and on " Energy Management " by experts from BSI. A brief training on " Kobetsu Kaizen " by Mr. Snehil Kumar was also organized during the conference. The 'Best Company Trophy' of 3rd Minda Maintenance Conference was awarded to the team from MSEL-GN.
Participants of the conference Prize Distribution
Participants of the conference Prize Distribution
  4th Minda ME Conference : The conference was held on 17th & 18th September 2009 at MCL-Noida. In this conference, functional teams from group companies shared accomplishments, issues and corrective actions, and other improvement initiatives done in their plant, for the benefit of other companies. In total 12 teams from group companies took part in the conference. We also had sharing from external experts in the field, like OMRON on “ PLC Training Module”, National Instruments on “Automotive component testing using Lab View” and IFTM team on “Ergonomics”. At the end of the Conference mementos were given to the participating teams. The ME team from MSIL-Pune was awarded with the best company presentation trophy of 4th Minda Manufacturing Engineering Conference.
Participants of the conference Presentation of MVSSPL in progress Memento presented to Minda Furukawa Team Best Company Trophy presented to MSIL Team
Participants of
the conference
Presentation of
MVSSPL in progress
Memento presented to
Minda Furukawa Team
Best Company Trophy
presented to MSIL Team
  Training / Workshop : Following training programme had been conducted in this financial year.
    Problem Solver Level 1. Batch 4: This programme was conducted from 19th to 21st August 2009. 24 candidates from 7 group companies attended the training programme. The trained problem solvers will undertake a problem solving project in their work area or related area. On the basis of project work and written examination, certificate will be issued to successful candidates.
Dr. Sumit Roy explaining... Training in progress
Dr. Sumit Roy
explaining about
Ishikawa Diagram
Training in progress
3. News & Events
  2nd Minda SCM Conference held on 19th & 20th Nov. 2009 at MCL-Noida
  5th Minda Tooling Conference held on 26th & 27th February 2010 at MCL-Noida
  6th Quality Circle Convention will be held on 26th March 2010 at MCL-Noida
  3rd Kaizen Mela will be held on 27th March 2010 at MCL-Noida
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