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Vision & Mission
Vision, Mission & Values
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' To be a Dynamic, Innovative And Profitable Global Automotive Organization for Emerging as the Preferred Supplier and Employer, to Create Value for all Stakeholders'


Philosophy of the Vision Statement

As a player the Group is sensitive to the rapidly changing business environment. The actions of all Group Companies are and will be geared towards meeting stringent benchmarks and norms that are required and will be required.


As a group we have been at the forefront of innovation. We intend to increase our focus on innovation in products and technologies, organizational structure, and optimizing efficiencies. We also are committed to change management as a way of life to enable us to meet the emerging challenges of the Industry.


We want to emerge in the Global arena as a leading automotive player and realize profitability in business so as to sustain and enhance our efforts towards emerging as a leader in the industry.


We are already Global and will continue to expand to meet the global requirements of OEMs and be a significant player globally, in our own domain. In spreading globally we will not focus on any specific country or region but take decisions based on our core interests in the automotive sector.


We will stick to being a significant player in the automotive domain and emerge as a systems supplier. We will not deviate from our core sector but will expand to include different components and systems that align and have synergy with our products and technologies.


Emerge as Preferred Supplier and Employer
We will be focused towards meeting the two essential areas of endeavor - become a preferred supplier to global OEMs and also emerge as the preferred employer in our Industry. For this, we plan to undertake several initiatives such as closely monitoring every aspect of our move to offer world-class products to our ever-increasing clientele. On the employee front, we intend to continue with our people-sensitive initiatives so as to realize a rich and vibrant work-culture and also, continue to nurture employees towards greater efficiency, through training and development. As a Group, we consider that our employees are equal owners and stakeholders and this Group belongs to them all. We will continue to offer participation in the Growth of our Group, to all our employees.


Create Value for all Stakeholders
As an Organization we are sensitive towards all stakeholders including our esteemed Clients, our Employees and their Families, our Suppliers, and the Society within which we operate. Our core focus is on developing confidence, generating greater thrust towards undertaking active role in building Customer Trust and Confidence, generating Greater Returns and Trust for our Investors, undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility for wider interests of the society and the needs of our Suppliers, as well as, addressing the holistic Needs and Concerns of our Employees and their Families.



'Our mission is to be an automotive System Solution provider and Build a Brand recognized by vehicle manufacturers progressively all over the world, as an organization providing products and systems Unparalleled in Quality and Price.'

We are also committed to create and deliver value to our

We will ensure that our enterprise grows aggressively and earns adequate returns.

We will make customers for lifetime and always strive to exceed their expectations.

We will develop long term relationships with our partners based on mutual benefit, trust, support & transparency.

We will treat our employees as family members and would provide them a safe, healthy, stimulating and rewarding work environment.

We will always be conscious of our responsibilities towards the society at large and undertake welfare activities for the community.



Commitment to Stakeholders
Demonstrate loyalty and dedication to the organization.

Passion for Excellence
Relentlessly improving and continuously raising the bar in everything we do.

Open Communication
Reasoning, Knowledge, Experience Sharing, confronting fearlessly for the good of the organization.

Integrity & Fairness
Fair and upright in intention and actions - always complying with conscience.

Nurture Talent, Competency & Willingness
Create challenging opportunities and provide support for development of self and team members. Encourage experimentation & willingness to accept challenges.

Respect & Humility
Must be Courteous, Compassionate, Caring, Humane and Humble in all our interpersonal dealings.

Innovation & Improvement Orientation
Challenge status quo. Demonstrate creativity for improvement and break through.

Leverages Interdependence, Cooperative, Readily provides support and assistance to others.

Take ownership for the consequences of ones decisions and actions.

Cross Cultural Diversity
Build a vibrant workforce with different ethnicity, cultural orientation with no prejudice due to sex / caste / creed / color and to cherish our diversity.


Core Values

  • Passion for Excellence
  • Nurture Talent, Competency & Willingness
  • Respect & Humility


Core Purpose
To be a happy, inspiring and proud place to work, setting benchmarks and delivering products that give customers an edge in their businesses.

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